SpectruMusic Week 5 (Post Punk)

SpectruMusic Week 5 (Post Punk)

This week’s theme was post punk, a favourite genre of mine and I sure went all out I could tell you that.


So for this bass slapping week I played some of the big stuff to give people an introduction to the genre and then went a bit everywhere with it. Had a really fun time with this show just due to how much I loved every single song.

News wise I talked about Radiohead going on tour in 2018 despite half the band working on solo albums (and prayed that they come to Toronto, especially after the big accident), and also mentioned how the Warped tour which was considered “the birth of emo” and the “rise of pop punk” was coming to an end next year so that’s a shame.


In the theme of post punk I mentioned how  the band Television Personalities are releasing a lost album from 30 years ago which is actually sweet, so awesome when never finished albums get released. There’s actually an amazing (half finished) album by a group called Death (not the death metal group) that is an amazing proto-punk album that was never released,would really recommend that because these guys would have been huge if it wasn’t for their stubbornness. Their record label said they wouldn’t fund them anymore unless they changed their band name and they said no, so their album was stopped halfway through.  Anyway you can find the album now so go check that one out. Also if Weezer could release Songs From the Black Hole that would be nice




It’s part of their deluxe vinyl re-release of their 2015 album, Currents


Anyway, while Tame Impala struggles to drop a new album and can only tease us with b sides, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard drop their third album this year for free tonight! So that’s insane, I don’t understand how some bands struggle to put out an album every 10 years and then this happens.


Anyway that’s all the news, please listen to the first two Violent Femmes’ albums and I’ll love you



Disorder – Joy Division

Men 2nd – Wire

A Short Term Effect – The Cure

Squalor Victoria – The National

Chosen Time – New Order

Obstacle 1 – Interpol

Living For The Depression – Flipper

Focus of Oppression – The Pop Group

Crosseyed and Painless – Talking Heads

Space Junk – DEVO

Modern Dance – Pere Ubu

Bad Penny – Big Black

Here Come The Rome Plows – Drive Like Jehu

Ghost Rider – Suicide

Add It Up – Violent Femmes

https://pitchfork.com/news/tame-impala-release-new-b-sides-and-remixes-ep-listen/ Don’t forget

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