SpectruMusic Week 4 (New Stuff 2)

SpectruMusic Week 4 (New Stuff 2)

Just like in the first week I played all sorts of new stuff in the scene (and an old Radiohead track but it was just released this year so I guess it’s new)


Talked about how DRAM and Neil Young are doing a song together and how that is the most confusing colab since Jay Z and Linkin Park. Like seriously how is that going to sound, these artists make 2 entirely different styles of music that appeal to two different audiences. I guess we’ll just have to see


We talked about Jack White’s new upcoming album which I got excited for and I got mad about the 100 dollar fidget spinner Arcade Fire sold for their mediocre new album. Not the first time it infuriates me, not the last.


I played a request from my little brother which was great (Man of Oil by Anco) and I got really excited to play some King Krule (please check out the OOZ)


Thinking of a post punk theme for this weeks show but we’ll see, I still don’t know what I want to do yet.



Fill in the Blank – Car Seat Headrest

Dust – Parquet Courts

Crossfire / So Into You – Nai Palm

Social Jetlag – Beach Fossils

Darling – Real Estate

Ladies Don’t Play Guitar – Tennis

tonite – LCD Soundsystem

Friend Zone – Thundercat

Creature Comfort – Arcade Fire

Man of Oil – Animal Collective

Logos – King Krule

Man of War – Radiohead


PS: Please don’t forget to hit me up on instagram @Lucas_GuLucas and I’ll be happy to take song requests or theme ideas


Now here is the worst moment of Rivers Cuomo’s life



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