Keeg 'n Roccs, Week 7

Keeg 'n Roccs, Week 7

Great show, great show. We’re getting good at this!

First things first, here’s the playlist. We had a good one this week, and DJ Roccs took control of the playlist for the first couple of songs. Wanna know something ridiculous? Our first song, Jackie and Wilson by Hozier, he just discovered this past week. Yikes.

Soon, the discussion moved to post-halloween. Rocco was done with dressing up, but I didn’t mind it. Next year will be tough- with the spooky holiday coming in hot on a Wednesday, which weekend is “Halloween Weekend”? The one before? After? Both?! This is where Rocco showed his wisdom: “The white girls will decide for us,” he said. How intelligent- what would we do without him?

Later, we discussed another unique Reddit finding. This guy ended up buying CABIN SEATS for his hawks. Imagine how much tuition those seats could buy! However, on the subject of expenditures (and in the spirit of the World Series), check this out:

Now, please note that there are some sites that were selling similar tickets for about $15k. Imagine how much tuition THAT could buy!!

Now, you know that song Chocolate by The 1975? Well, you should, and we played it, and discussed what it’s about. Chocolate is actually a popular term for heroin (because of the smell when you burn/smoke it), and a “gun” (referred to in the chorus) is a popular term for your needle. Happy sounding song, dark meaning.

Of course, what could a show be without a little Post Malone? Well, get this: people are saying that Post is the Kid Rock of the 2010s. Now THAT is bold, but what do you think? Accurate? Bullsh*t? We were unsure.

As per usual, stay smiling, and see you next week.

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