SpectruMusic Week 2 (Classic Indie)

SpectruMusic Week 2 (Classic Indie)

(Pic above is the album art for In The Aeroplane Over the Sea – Neutral Milk Hotel, absolutely essential indie, fuzz folk, amazing lyrics, uplifting and depressing all at once)

And with week two my blog can finally start so here’s a little introduction about myself for this first post.


My name is Lucas, I’m 1st year com sci major who enjoys video games, biking, skiing, memes, magic the gathering and of course, music. I’ll be playing all sorts of different indie music and this week was a wide variety of classic indie from Animal Collective to Wire. Now I’m so excited for when I can start focusing in on other sub genres of indie (just you wait for the shoegaze show) but for now, we’ll lay it back and stay a bit more broad.


On the show itself this week the major news update is the new Kevin Shields (MBV) and Brian Eno Collaboration!!! I’ll post a link at the bottom!

Thankfully with this show I only had one minor technical difficulty and it was dealt with fast. I’m still getting used to the set up in the studio but man that was a huge improvement over last time. Also shout outs to my friend Quinn for showing me that Slowdive song. I unfortunately haven’t listened to all of Slowdive’s discography (although their new album was amazing) but the Ballad of Sister Sue really is a highlight from what I’ve heard from them.

If anyone else wants to request a song feel free to hit me up on Instagram @Lucas_GuLucas and I’d be happy to take your request

Below here we have the single for the new Kevin Shields/Brian Eno track and the track-list for the show

I’m Waiting For The Man – The Velvet Underground

See No Evil – Television

Prove My Love – Violent Femmes

Ether – Gang of Four

Ex Lion Tamer – Wire

Debaser – Pixies

Dirty Boots – Sonic Youth

Song 1 – Fugazi

When You Sleep – My Bloody Valentine

Ballad of Sister Sue – Slowdive

This Time – LSD and the Search for God

Guys Eyes – Animal Collective

Holland,1945 – Neutral Milk Hotel

Paranoid Android – Radiohead

Have a great day and enjoy your midterms 🙂

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