Keeg 'n Roccs, Week 6

Keeg 'n Roccs, Week 6

Boom, boom!

This was a great show. Here’s the usual stuff: the playlist.

We opened up with Ain’t It Fun by Paramore. A good track, to be sure, but not in tune with our usual hard hitting starts. No problem- we kicked it up later.

One thing that we talked about early (or, as soon as Rocco got back from the bathroom) was the importance of showing your loved ones that you care. A couple of hours before the show, my dad called me out of the blue. It was only 5 minutes, but it made all the difference, and I didn’t even ask for it. Show your loved ones that you care! Next time your roommate is down, ask them why; next time your friend is stressing, bring them some food! You never know the difference a small, kind act can make.

What else did we talk about? As usual, Post Malone. Honestly, writing about this dude is getting old. For those who don’t know, we talk about him a LOT, as DJ Roccs loves the guy. Anyway, he actually has a great video (allegedly at 15 years of age) of a Bob Dylan cover. Check it out!

If you think that couldn’t be all that we talked about, you’d be right! We also discussed our thorough hatred of dressing up for halloween.

Other people doing it? Cool.
Appreciating others’ costumes? Cool.
Taking part when you feel like it? Honestly? F*cking cool.

Being forced by societal norms to dress up as evil incarnate or something clever? Nah, no bueno.

That said, anything that brings people together is a good thing. While we don’t like dressing up, people are people, and anything is worth making and keeping those wonderful connections that we share.

Speaking of connections, this woman’s vomit connected with the floor on live TV a few days ago:

Here’s the discussion on Reddit (good for a few laughs). Hopefully she’s okay!

One last thing: catch us in the concourse next week! We’ll be boothing for RadLaurier!

Stay beautiful, but more importantly, stay smiling. Actually, to us, they’re the same.

Later folks.

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