The Morning Show- Almost there

The Morning Show- Almost there

Well hello all you fantastic Golden Hawks!

It’s DJ Thr0b@ck here once again- what a Wednesday it was! Not a single technical issue whatsoever *hold a minute while I go search insanely for wood to knock on* and the music was thrown so far back that we gave a new meaning to the word throwback.


We started the show like every other- discussed the barely moving billboard charts, read some spotted tweets, played some awesome throwbacks, and had a quick weather update. Side note: I used to be very trusting of TWN and actually talk a bit about their weather forecasts but who cares at this point right? I was so prepared for a cold thunderstormy day yesterday and instead, what I got was gross, disgusting, ewy, sticky hot weather. So I’ve decided to just never look at weather forecasts anymore, letting alone talk about it on the show and misdirect you folks. How amazing am I?


Not going to lie, some throwbacks took me sooooooooo far back it’s actually kind of sad. I mean c’mon, Run It by Chris Brown was my jam back in middle school and this thing is now 12 years old! What!? So, a kid born in that year is now him/herself in middle school. Excuse me a minute while I think about where my life is #Broke. That said, the Breezy did absolutely kill the song- I will still dance to it today over a newer song. Any. Day.


Single Ladies by Beyonce was also an amazing throwbacks, and then some other songs that have inspired memes and famous quotes were played, such as LMFAO’s Sexy & I Know it. Whoever’s ever got self-confidence issues, please listen to that song, it’ll get you up and moving, dancing, and it’ll bring that confidence right up to borderline overconfidence. Such brilliance captured in one song, I’m still in awe after all these years.


After the throwbacks were done, we talked a little bit about the Clubs Fair in the concourse (for those of you that missed it, it was fab- yes I’m bringing fab back). Most tweets were pretty hilarious and relatively linked to people being sloppy in public areas- I guess when midterms hit, not everyone is the most concerned with being clean? I feel that #StayStrong. We then smoothly transitioned into current music, with Psy‘s Gangnam Style leading the way, and i won’t lie I may have been trying to do that dance while sitting on my chair in the studio (low key very glad nobody saw me). We played two other Psy songs- Gentleman and Daddy– and all 3 have unbelievably hilarious music videos. I said it on the show and I’m saying it now, if you haven’t seen them: PLEASE DO IT. Like now.


Once that was done, we closed the day off with a couple other songs to wrap up the show. Just a reminder to all of our listeners, to like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter or Insta. Any and all feedback is also appreciated.


The (cliche but true) message for yesterday was, and I quote: “Life throws a lot of weird things at us, but it’s those tough times that make us better. Remember, tough times don’t last but tough people do. Enjoy the little things in life, and live to the fullest.” Life’s all about the fun things and experiences and that’s exactly what I aim to capture with my show and the message at the end- especially as we’re moving into reading week. All of y’all: stay safe and take the time off to relax, each and every single one of you has earned it.

See guys next Wednesday @10am, I’ll be here and I expect everyone else to tune in too (reading week shall make for an even more exciting show).


Cheers folks,


DJ Thr0b@ck Out


Track listing:


  • It wasn’t me
  • Run it!
  • Livin la vida loca
  • My heart will go on
  • Ignition remix
  • Bye Bye Bye- NSYNC
  • I want it that way- BSB
  • Everybody remix- BSB
  • Single Ladies (popular memes now inspired)
  • LMFAO I’m sexy and i know it
  • Hey Ya!


  • Payphone
  • One More Time- M5
  • Hello- Hedley
  • Bad Things- CC
  • Bailando
  • Worth it- FH
  • Get low
  • Gangnam Style
  • Gentleman
  • Daddy
  • See You Again
  • Dark Horse

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