The Morning Show with DJ SMALLZ: Ep. 3

The Morning Show with DJ SMALLZ: Ep. 3


Did you catch the Laurier Plague, or is it baby fever in the air?


 20 year-old Kylie Jenner recently publicized that she is in fact pregnant with a baby girl. She has finally broken the silence after numerous rumours fromgossip columns and other social media.

Speculations did arise after Jenner posted photos and selfies of herself in crop tops, with no baby bump in sight. Travis Scott is the baby daddy and his response is very welcoming of the new baby expected in mid January.

Also to come, Kim and Kayne finally are expecting a baby girl to come through their surrogate they havechosen. Khloe is expecting her first born with boyfriend Tristan Thompson. A lot of conspiracy theories were drawn from all of these pregnancies. First, they thought Kylie was not pregnant and once it was confirmed there were stories of Kylie being Kim’s surrogate. I highly doubt this is the case and I want to see what actually happens with these theories.

If you are not caught up with the Kardashians, no need to worry. The tragedy that is the feud between Rob K and Black Chyna keeps getting worse. In June, Rob and Chyna were going through the legal system after Rob went on a social media “rant” while exposing Chyna for sleeping with another man in their bed and sending him the videos along with many other horrible things. Chyna is known to through these fits and it just broke out recently that Chyna was allegedly “high and drunk” and started getting physical with Rob. Rob is now suing Chyna for assault, battery, and vandalism. Not a good thing to do especially with a young child.

In the begging of my segment, I mentioned that Alina Baraz, my favourite artist, has finally released her two songs called “Buzzin'” and “Lavender and Velvet“. They are amazing and I will be doing a review in my next segment.

Finally, I would like to wish everyone a fun and safe homecoming! Let’s show that Laurier is the better purple (which we are) and support our amazing football team after winning the Yates Cup.


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