Williams & Williams in the Morning How to get through university- March 10th, 2017.

Williams & Williams in the Morning How to get through university- March 10th, 2017.

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With the end of the semester fast approaching and Troy going on to Graduate after 5 years of Service to Wilfrid Laurier. We decided it was time to tell work how to make there way through the tough life that is post secondary education….. and the first thing we learned is… Learn how to handle your alcohol isn’t that right MARC!!!

Troy made the bold prediction that Marc wouldn’t make the show because he was going out the night before and… YESS GUY he was right… not very Bold but he was right.

For our Lyrical Breakdown we did ASHER Roth’s I love College… What a great song for the kids.. Some keys to this song,

  • “I wish we taped it”…. Drinking makes your forget
  • “Drink my drink and smoke”….  then says all he needs is his friends classic
  • College is about school that is one thing it seems Mr. Roth forgot about
  • Proper beer pong rules. 1. Don’t bounce, 2. Sink a cup or naked mile

Fridays Five College Tips

5. Don’t Explore your campus

4.  Time Management 

15hrs of Class Weekly

90hrs of sleep Weekly (12 a day)

63hrs of free time weekly (can be substituted, with drinking and partying)

  • 28 food prep weekly
  • 5 of YouTube work meme
  • 5 movies and tv

3. Money: school is expensive…. But heyy you gotta spend money to make money so if you want a good paying job when yo graduate.. spend all you can now rack up debt on 2 am pizzas and buy that 5 dollar coffee so that you can stay up past midnight

2. Making Friends…. will just get in your way of being a happy successful strudent who is well rounded… bunker down In the libarary sit alone in class and study hard

1. Classes: Withdraw from courses as much as possible… why even go all the time just gets in the way of your real life!


Well thats all the time we have today folks… Party without the smoke

Audio from the show:


Song list

Hello Friday- Flo Rida

I love college- asher roth

Lost- Frank Ocean

Lazy song- Bruno Mars

Glamorous- Fergie

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