CIA “The Sound” Feb. 5
Laurier Music Composers (CIA)/Laurier Music Composers (CIA)

CIA “The Sound” Feb. 5

We kicked February off with an hour-long recording of Laurier’s own Free Improv Renegade Ensemble (FIRE). The concert was held at the Button Factory in April of 2010, the final FIRE concert of that season. FIRE is still continuing today, with workshops every Monday night in the John Aird Building. For all those interested in checking it out, here’s a link to their Facebook page:


Student Composers Concert in the Maureen Forrester Recital Hall on Feb. 8 at 8PM

“Music at Noon with violinist Jerzy Kaplanek and pianist Leopoldo Erice” in the Maureen Forrester Recital Hall on Feb. 9 at 12PM

Laurier Choirs Concert at Waterloo First United Church on Feb. 11 at 7PM


The Sound is a show run by the CIA (Composers and Improvisors Association), a group of students on campus that represent student artists.  The Sound features music, sound art, poetry, spoken word, short stories (anything really!) that is written by Laurier student, alumni, and faculty.  We would love to have some of your works on the show, if you are an artist at Laurier and what to get your work on The Sound, please do so by sending your file(s) here:          and send us a brief description of your piece.

Exploring Body & Mind: Dorothy Keith
Exploring Body and Mind/Exploring Body and Mind

Exploring Body & Mind: Dorothy Keith

Join Drew Taddia and Dorothy Keith on this Edition of Exploring Mind and Body as they talk about Eating Healthy on a Budget.
Think it’s too expensive to eat healthy? Then this show is perfect for you! Dorothy offers her top 5 tips on how you can actually save money by shopping healthy.
There is all kinds of tips and takeaways for anyone shopping on a budget or anyone looking to save some money.
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Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Top Songs You’ve Never Heard Of

This week I’m giving you 10 songs that are amazing, but people haven’t heard of. I’m here to enlighten you. And if you know them all, well… sorry.

  1. Impossible Germany by Wilco

If you can’t study and listen to classical/music with no vocals, I suggest you check out this song. It’s a mellow and very “feel good” kind of track. The album is from 2007 so it was released 10 years ago!

2. Youth by Glass Animals

Glass Animals are an alternative band with hip-hop, indie, and synth pop influences. They released a new album in 2016 and youth is one of the most popular songs from it. They have an amazing sound and it’s worth your time to take a listen. Also while you’re on it listen to Gooey and Season 2 Episode 3.

3. Never Catch Me by Flying Lotus ft. Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick is my favourite rapper, and when people ask why I make them listen to this song.

4. Electric by Alina Baraz ft. Khalid

I only discovered this song because of my obsession with Khalid. It’s a really sweet, super mellow song.

5. Work Shoes by USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker)

Amazing song, the whole album is amazing to be honest with you, and the fact that they’re Canadian explains why.

6. Right Me Up by State Radio

Simply underrated.

7. You’re A Wolf by Sea Wolf

Very Mumford and Sons / Bombay Bicycle Club esque.

8. Om igjen igjen by Linni

Don’t know what the songs about but the beat is sick.

9. Eggplant by Train

I know you know Train, but do you know Eggplant off their 1998 album? It’s good.

10. So It Goes by RATKING

Good beats.