Williams & Williams in the Morning - January 20, 2016

Williams & Williams in the Morning - January 20, 2016

Deep. Blue. Filled with uncertainty. No, we’re not talking about Troy’s eyes, we’re talking about the ocean. This week’s show was jam packed with everything ocean-related you can think of. We shared our own ocean experiences, whether or not we’re ocean guys (we’re not), tried to name every ocean (we couldn’t), and set the over/under of how many times we’d say “ocean” at 50 (eclipsed that). We were also honoured to have our first real life guests on the show, Mikhayla Rice and Brooklyn Ramsey from Laurier’s Her Campus chapter. This was exciting stuff for us because we got to talk to other humans in person, and them being girls was a bonus. They chatted about Her Campus’ event this Saturday, January 21st at Turret Nightclub on campus (go) and for some reason kept insisting that the rumours of it being a beach themed party are false. We then got into our Friday’s Five, naming 5 facts about the ocean that absolutely nobody else knows. They are:

5 ) The ocean is salty cause the land never waves back

4 ) The ocean is actually not the only body of water you can swim in

3 ) 4 out of 5 sharks prefer fresh water

2 ) The ocean has a plus-10 for parties, so if you invite it to one you’ll get Ocean’s 11

1 ) “Ocean” is spelt the way it sounds

We know, these facts are definitely going to come in handy sometime down the road. Another week in the books, we want to thank Mikhayla and Brooklyn for getting up early and coming on the show, and as always thanks for listening. Leave the smoke at home.

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