Williams & Williams in the Morning - New Year Same Show! - January 13, 2017

Williams & Williams in the Morning - New Year Same Show! - January 13, 2017

Marc and Troy carrying out their famed figure skating routine.

We made it through another New Year’s Eve and are back for another semester of hot, sweaty radio fun. Not much has changed on the show front, we’re still saying whatever comes to mind and probably losing listeners in the process. We both had eventful Christmas breaks, one of us more so than the other, but we’re still breathing and lived to tell the tale. Our show covered all the hot (and cold) topics in Friend or Foe, such as fire, ice, trees, final semesters, cheering at the bar during sports games, and why the heck Caesar salad and sweet potato fries cost more. We talked a little Big League Banter about Edwin flying South all the way to Cleveland, the Leafs flirting with a playoff spot, and the Raptors coming back down to Earth. We also talked Golden Hawks of course, with Men’s Hockey facing two Quebec teams this weekend and some great people winning athletes of the week, congrats. Lastly, our Friday’s Five featured things that help you keep warm, while staying cool. The list went as follows:

5 ) Customized Quilt

4 ) Itchy Scarf

3 ) Carry literally any hot beverage around

2 ) Layers…but not too many layers

1 ) Make your own fire to impress the ladies

All extremely easy things that you can wear/do to make sure you stay warm but still be cool! Thanks for tuning in, let’s do it again next week.

Here’s the audio to today’s show:

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Song List

Hello Friday – FloRida

Hot N’ Cold – Katy Perry

We On Fire – Lloyd Banks

We Didn’t Start the Fire – Billy Joel

Ice, Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice

Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash

Friday – Ice Cube (Clean)

Cheers – Rihanna

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