October 10th show!

October 10th show!

Hey there listeners! Thanks for tuning in this week, this week’s artist spotlight will be Paper Lions. Here’s a link to their website! http://paperlions.com/ I love this band for several reasons. The first reason is that they’re Canadian and, Canadian artists often go unrecognized. Paper Lions also have quite the diverse repertoire, their sound can go from folksy sounding to indie rock in a heartbeat. These guys also have a great story behind them. The record label that they had signed with first did not pay them! That’s right, these guys saw no money from their first couple of albums. It turns out that they have stayed with the same record label and they are going to be paid all of what they deserve. I don’t know if it took a lawsuit or just a whole lot of nagging! The Paper Lions came out of the issues around making money with a happy ending which is splendid because they can get back to producing killer tunes! They are currently based out of Charlottetown PEI, a friend of mine from PEI actually showed me these guys which in my opinion makes them even cooler! I absolutely love it when people show me rad artists. Here is the track list of tonight’s show! You can follow along while you listen to the show!


  1. MaJLo – Another day
  2. Marlon Chaplin – In Stars
  3. The Eastern Sea – The Match
  4. Brown Bird – Blood of angels
  5. Paper Lions – Call Back
  6. Paper Lions – Don’t Touch That Dial
  7. Paper Lions – Travelling
  8. Paper Lions – Believer
  9. Paper Lions – My Friend
  10. Paper Lions – Stay Here for a While
  11. Paper Lions – Sam Simeon
  12. Paper Lions – Trouble
  13. Rural Alberta Advantage – Tornado ‘87
  14. The Elwins – You have me
  15. Birdtalker – Graveclothes
  16. Brown Bird – Fingers to the Bone
  17. The Brevet – Hold on
  18. Cinders – Last Years Winter
  19. FEELDS – Endless of Arms
  20. Rural Alberta Advantage – Four Night Rider
  21. Scenic route to Alaska – Taking its Toll
  22. Feet for Wings – Hold my tongue
  23. Cinders – Call it Home
  24. Gregory Alan Isakov – Amsterdam
  25. The New Coast – Slow down
  26. Early Hours – Into the Wilderness

Remember the vibes of the day are: Folksy feelings. Those last six songs are the vibes of the day so stay tuned in to catch these folksy vibes! Can’t wait to have your ears at 8pm!

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