Did Leo Really Deserve the Oscar?

Did Leo Really Deserve the Oscar?

Peyton Manning Call it QuitsWhat I think most people probably saw coming has become a reality – Peyton Manning is retiring from the NFL after 18 seasons. I didn’t go too far into this because I’m sure they will talk about it on The Sports Crunch at Lunch, but I just wanted to extend my congrats to a true legend. So long 18, it’s been nice having ya around.


Leo’s Didn’t Deserve the Oscar

Ultimately, I was very happy with the Oscars this year. It was great to see Brie Larson get the nod for Room, and also to see Mad Max win big. However, I get that this is not popular opinion, but Leo should not have best actor. Also, before I delve into this further, I totally agree that by this point in his career, he deserves one. He’s had some stand out roles in many good movies (The Aviator comes to mind), but for The Revenant? The series of unfortunate grunts? The film itself was certainly enjoyable, but it was not an Oscar worthy role. Especially when the competition was so phenomenal. I would have loved to see it go to Cranston, but I also think that every nominated actor was more deserving than Leo. Ultimately, I believe he won as a result of a combination of pity and pressure. People acknowledged that by this time Leo should be an Academy Award winning actor and also felt the pressure of millions of fans demanding it. Also, I think we’re all a little sad the Leo Oscar jokes are over now. I will give Leo credit on his speech however, bringing up climate change was nice to see. Like I said, I know this isn’t popular opinion, but it is my opinion.



I usually like to do a movie review on each of my shows, so for this show I talked about SuspiriaSuspiria is a fantastic Italian horror film that I would recommend to any of the horror fans out there. Suspiria goes against all of the norms we are used to in the conventional horror film and focuses far more on the stylistic elements. The use of colour and sound is absolutely bananas. At times you can’t even hear what the characters are saying because the music is so loud (which granted, is probably a good thing because narratively this film is lackluster). The colours are so pretty you forget you’re watching a horror film, until of course the brutal murders present themselves. Definitely a great movie and I highly recommend giving it a watch!

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