First Drag AM // March 3 2016

Hey Guyzzzz its me. Mikey.


Had lots to talk about this week, starting with “Style For Syria” which is a non-for-profit clothing collection that donates all of its profits to support our new refugees arriving in Canada. Really nice stuff too, you can check them out on facebook or their website (


This week was my first OFFICIAL show as a co-host (woo hoo!)


We made up for the lack of talking last week with a day of…mostly talking. Our spectrum ranged from topics on fine art, to Donald Trump, and things in between such as a Museum for Broken Hearts, and the question we all want to know: Why would Kanye need to pirate music?


We took a folk angle to this weeks’ show. Playing tunes from fleet foxes, Fleetwood mac, villagers, and lots of other similar tunes!


We talked about the house show Dana and myself hosted this past week and how great it was!! A young folk artist Max Marshall stopped by our little abode and graced us with a reincarnation of Greenwich village folk mixed with a modern twist. We played a few songs of his live to promote him as he tours around Canada, you should really check his stuff out:



We have lots of fun planned for our next show so make sure to tune in every Thursday morning at 9am!!


Peace and luv,



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