Hey yo!!!

It’s Dana / Sunny D here, and I’m really stoked to be writing about yesterday’s show, because I have a new co-host, my roommate Micaela, who goes by Mikey. We’re stoked to be on air every Thursday at 9am, and we hope you like our vocalized chilling sessions.

We were getting settled in so we didn’t talk about too much, but we did talk about some news such as the Pickering high school stabbing, Harvard’s free religious literacy program, and The Life of Pablo.

We reviewed our reading week, during which we brushed out all 33 of my really long dreadlocks (yes, really), watched a bunch of movies which we can’t even remember, as well as the NBA All Star Weekend, heyo!

We showcased some funky tunes and jammed out a bit when you weren’t watching.

We call our show the First Drag because mornings can be a real drag. Check out our Facebook page, on which we’ll be posting updates and prompts to get you engaged and listening. Here’s the link: Shoot us a like!

We’re stoked to be on air again next week, we’ve got some segments planned! Tune in again on Thursday morning at 9am to hear us yap about being alive.

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