Friends Reunion, the Oscar Nominees and More!

Friends Reunion, the Oscar Nominees and More!

Today on Entertainment Insight we had two special guests, Haley and Taylor, join us to give this weeks entertainment update! There have been rumours everywhere that there is going to be a reunion of the hit TV show “Friends” coming up this February. WELL…. I’m sorry everyone but the shows co-creator Marta Kauffman has put an end to the rumours. The writer and producer, who co-created the sitcom with David Crane, has confirmed that there will never be a Friends reunion or movie either. BUT there will be a High School Musical reunion tomorrow on Disney Channel to celebrate the movie’s tenth anniversary.

Sadly, just two days after Cèline Dion’s husband Renè Angèlil passed away from cancer, her brother Daniel passed away at age 59. Our hearts go out to Cèline and her family.

This weekend the 2016 Oscar nominees were released but have struck controversy. The nominees do not include one non-white actor/actress or film. For example this year’s highly-talked about movie Straight out of Compton did not receive one nomination. It has been rumoured that people are planning to boycott this year’s Oscars.

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