Waking up with a Frustrated DJ Bojanglez

Waking up with a Frustrated DJ Bojanglez

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In the News/Rant

As you know, a terrible atrocity took place in France over the past weekend.  However, while yes it was a terrible attack, it was a terrible attack taken out by extremists. Unfortunately, this event has stemmed hate towards minorities, as there seems to be much confusion as people start to point fingers as the dust begins to settle. Over the weekend on Sunday night, a Hindu temple within the KW community was vandalized. While it has yet to be confirmed whether this incident is directly related to the events on the weekend or not, the temple has seen peace for its twenty years it has been in the community. This is unacceptable, this is what terrorists seek to create….terror. By causing fear and spreading hate, what are you really achieving? Overall, I’m tired of constantly seeing explosions and people running in fear 24/7. I’m tired of seeing ignorant hate being spread around carelessly. I’m tired of the world.

Like I discussed last week concerning slacktivism, do not only think before speaking, but be cognitive of what you share and like in the electronic world. The lines between a physically spoken word and a click are becoming more and more blurred.

Window Weather

Yesterday we managed to see some blue sky through the grey clouds! Overall, though it didn’t seem too bad out there.

10 O’Clock Bojanglez Best

The Bojanglez Best this week was Paranoid by Black Sabbath!

Black Sabbath is one of my all time favourite bands! One of the first ever metal bands that I had ever listened to! Check them out!

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