Indie in the Morning

Indie in the Morning

Good Morning everyone!

I hope you all have your coffee in hand and your favourite tunes blaring to get you through the morning. This week myself, DJ Con MC, was on Monday morning playing your favourite alternative/indie hits. In my personal opinion it is my favourite type of music to get me through the morning. But lets talk about breakfast foods, for my show next week I am going to be counting down the top 5 foods to have for breakfast. Shoot a message of your favourite breakfast food to @RadioLaurier and see if yours makes the top 5.


Furthermore, I hope all you viewers are excited for next weeks show as when DJ Little A joins me around 10:30am we will featuring a fresh new track fresh out of his hometown of Woodbridge. We will also be discussing 12 Barz and how fast tickets sold out and want your opinion on what team we think has the best schedule. So don’t forget to tune in next Wednesday from 9am- 12pm to here your favourite DJ’s take over the radio!


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