Thursday November 5 10:00am-12:00pm

Thursday November 5 10:00am-12:00pm

Hey Hawks,

It’s Sunny D here, winding down from an unexpectedly beautiful November day. I began the show today around 10am, when it was already 15 degrees. Nice.

I didn’t do much talking today because I’m truly very stressed and tired, so I focused a lot on music. Lately in my times of stress I have rediscovered my love for music and its healing capabilities, and I have recently subscribed to Spotify so I’ve usually got my headphones in, now.
I spoke about the Alvvays show that I went to last Thursday night, and I mentioned the lack of energy I felt in the band’s presence, despite their unchanging quality of sweet tunage. Their first, self-titled album came out over one year ago, containing only 9 songs. That alone isn’t enough for a full-length set, so it requires that they would play the whole album at every show. I truly can’t imagine how tiring that must get, and how hard it must be to adjust from playing your preferred set in a garage when you feel like it to playing the same damn thing every night in places that aren’t your home when other people feel like hearing you. I really felt that lack of energy also when I spoke to Molly, the singer, after the set. I expressed great interest in their music and proposed a short phone interview for the show, and she responded with, “You’re going to have to talk to our lady”. Okay, I get it, but it really doesn’t seem like you want me to. I probably won’t. I’ll definitely bring up the idea again at a later date, perhaps when they’ve got something new to excitedly plug. I’ll keep you posted.
More on band interviews, Born Ruffians still aren’t answering my Instagram dm’s, but the drummer had the nerve to like my photo the other day. Punks. I’ll get them on the show, I promise. I’m seeing them on December 13th, the night before my only final exam, and I’ll definitely push the idea at that time as well.

Before the talking began I played a Canadian band I’ve recently discovered called Homeshake. They’re pretty sweet, my roommate and her boyfriend dig them a lot, and while I’m still getting into them slowly, there’s one track that I’ve been bumping for a week or so now, called “Give It To Me”. Here’s the link for the video, it’s actually sick:
I played a segment of older tunes that have at one point or another been significant to my life and times, and here’s the tracklist:
Light My Fire – The Doors:
The Red Telephone – Love:
Foxey Lady – Jimi Hendrix:
Cry Baby – Janis Joplin:
Tuesday Afternoon – Moody Blues:
Touch of Grey – Grateful Dead:

I spoke about Trudeau’s new cabinet this morning, also, celebrating this great step in the right direction. This new diverse panel actively represents the face of Canada, a far less out-dated group than what we have seen in the past… Gender-balanced, Aboriginals recognized, a Sikh defence minister, it’s wonderful. I’m really impressed. Even if it was some kind of stunt for appeal, it will prove to be instrumental in the cohesion of our values and people. Justin Trudeau seems to have conducted more social change in the last weeks than Harper did in almost 10 years. Not just a pretty face, I guess.

I moved on from this to present to you some great Canadian music. I’ll sauce you the tracklist for that, also:
Goodbye Weekend – Mac Demarco:
Caught Me Thinking – Bahamas:
Oh, The Boss is Coming – Arkells:
Juno – Tokyo Police Club:
Fuck Feelings – Born Ruffians:
Ones Who Love You – Alvvays:

Great Canadian Tunes. I want a beer. (Just kidding, I hate beer).

For my closing remarks I wished for all of you a wonderful day, since the sun is so lively. I ended with a great tune shown to me recently. Check out I Am Oak:

I hope you have had a kickass Thursday, and I hope you’re excited to wake up tomorrow. Next week I’ve got some interviews coming at you with Foot Patrol and the Singer/Songwriter RLC from Willison Hall, my former home. I’m stoked to speak at you again in one week’s time, take care for now!


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