The Federal Election and The Environment

The Federal Election and The Environment

This week Noise Pollution was pretty political, we took a loot at the four major party’s platforms concerning their policies and proposals for the environment. We looked at their Paris Climate Action Pledges, stances on oil pipelines, strategies and targets for renewable energy and public transportation, to name a few. The most of the info we were discussing can be found here:  An updated comparison of federal parties’ positions on climate change

Other links worth checking out is the Maclean’s policy face-off machine. If you are unsure where you stand try this out to help you get a feel for which party you prefer. Policy Face-off Machine

Reminder that there is a local candidates debate happening in the Concourse tomorrow at 3pm!

Laurier Votes – Federal Candidates Debate Event Page

We will return after reading week, you can expect the show to be less political, with more news and more debating!

See you after reading week!

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