The Return of Baby Roach and DJ Crump

The Return of Baby Roach and DJ Crump

Hello listeners,

Today we had a 3 hour show with myself and DJ Crump. During this time we discussed the humidity that has been plaguing the KW region in detail.  Let us know if you guys have extra fans because we are struggling.

We then went on to discuss Amy Schumer’s Star Wars themed photoshoot in GQ Magazine. Let us know if this type of photo shoot offends you, because apparently Disney ain’t too happy with the comedian.

DJ Crump went on a rant about the Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton split while I tuned her out, she is determined that they are better off  separated.

The playlist was a mix of new Top 40 and some throwback pop-punk, which I can never complain about.

KW is a lively region, in which every weekend there seems to be some sort of festival happening.  For goings on in the local area it is never a bad idea to follow The Community Editions twitter account. Both of us covered the KW Ribfest this past weekend for the paper via twitter and had a great time being carnivorous. This upcoming weekend is the Food Truck Fare.

On a more serious note, we also discussed how this morning The Cord released an unsigned letter from a sexual assault survivor.  You can read it for yourself on The Cord’s website. 

Until next time, stay tuned!

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