Radio Laurier Mid-Week Update!

Radio Laurier Mid-Week Update!

Hello Friends, Family, Felines, and Foes!


Welcome to the first ever mid-week Radio Laurier Update! We get tons of e-mails, Facebook Messages, Twitter Direct Messages, Instagram Comments, Pintrest Comments (Yes we have Pintrest now), phone calls, telegrams, cookie-grams, and more each week giving us updates on some fantastic opportunities for us to share with you! (Like how I linked all the social media in once sentence, yeah, me too!) The only issue was, where to share all this information! After many straining hours of thinking, debating and arm wrestling over the right way to share it all, we decided that a weekly update coming directly from us to you was the perfect way to do it!


SO starting today we will be updating you each week on all things music. Important shows and dates for you to remember, updates on your favourite bands, updates with us, and really anything else that happens from the time you finish reading one update to the time the next one is released!


With all that being said, no turning back now so, Welcome to Radio Laurier’s mid-week update! Here we go!


First off! Montreal artist Patrick Watson, have you heard of him? Has announced a new North American and European artworks-000107710555-zs9xt8-t500x500fall tour to support his newest album, “Love Songs for Robots” which was released on May 12th! The tour started last Wednesday, May 27th and has dates announced until December 12th! Sadly no Ontario dates as of right now BUT he will be at Osheaga from July 31st to August 2nd! In celebration of the tour announcement he released a music video for his hit Hearts.


Next Up! Toronto artist and Ryerson University film graduate, Nadia Pacey who releases her music under the name König released her latest single How I Feel on on May 29th. This is the first track released from her album “Puberty” which is to debut next month.


Remember AWOLNATION? The artist behind the popular song Sail and therefore this amazing YouTube video of a cat Unknownjumping between buildings in stealth mode! Yes? Great! Well, they are offering their fans a free download of their new single I Am which has been remixed by Steve Aoki, so take advantage of it!!! I Am is the sixth track on their newest album “Run which has sparked an album release tour including one show in Toronto at the Sound Academy.


Quick Internal Radio Laurier Update!

We are still looking and accepting applications for management positions for the 2015/2016 year! We are still hiring for; Programming Manager, Web Manager, Sports Manager, AND Graphic Manager which ironically is not featured in the graphic below HELP US! If you are interested in joining our team please e-mail our beautiful station manager Meghan Roach at



Also we need some sort of creative name for this weekly update, comment below, or comment under our Facebook post promoting this blog with name ideas! The best one will be chosen and we’ll give you a shout out too!


That’s all I’ve got for this week! Comment with name ideas, questions you want answered in next weeks update, what you thought or funny videos of dogs!


Peace Easy!

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