News Unplugged, Tuesday March 31st

News Unplugged, Tuesday March 31st

Meetings in Switzerland Over Iranian Nuclear Weapons

This week in Switzerland some the of the world’s most powerful diplomats met with Iranian nuclear negotiators to seek a deal.  Iran is currently paying high sanctions and is looking to in return promise to not create any nuclear weapons for 15 years.

Air Canada AC624 Landing

Aviation experts are suggesting that Air Canada flight Ac264’s hard landing should actually be classified as a crash landing.  The landing was technically classified as collision with terrain.  Some passengers are filing lawsuits for physical and psychological trauma.

US Coast Guards Rescue Canadian Ship

9 people were rescued by coast guards off the coast of Massachusetts at 12:35am this morning.  The engine failed and its sails were not working properly.  One passenger was treated for a concussion.

ISIS Mission Extended

Federal MP’s voted 142-129 in favour to extend the air mission in syria.  This makes the mission another year longer and authorizes air strikes.

Popular Music Festivals Ban Selfie Sticks

Both Coachella and Lollapalooza are banning selfie sticks from their festivals this year.  Although not confirmed, it is speculated that it is because the product affects other attendees view of the show.


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