News Unplugged: Friday, March 16, 2015

Tropical Cyclone Pam Strikes

It was over the weekend that the South Pacific Nation of Vanuatu was devastated by Tropical Cyclone Pam. It was said that the storm had a force equivalent to that of a category 5 hurricane.

The Natural Disaster Management Office has so far confirmed 6 deaths but that tally is expected to rise.

260,000 live along the archipelago and majority has been displaced primarily because the common house structure is flimsy.

The Australian Government has started to provide assistance with the supply of officials and supply to help in the recovery process.

 Dentistry Student Returns

The last dentistry student returned to Dalhousie University in Halifax after his suspension. The student was suspended after inappropriate facebook group was created. Ryan Millet, one of the students involved, issued a statement saying that he decided to take part in remediation session.

Millet’s lawyer said he would be permitted to graduate only after he has completed remediation to the satisfaction of the standards committee.

Dalhousie suspended 13 male students who are in their fourth-year. This took place approximately two months ago for being members of a Facebook page that contained sexually violent content about female classmates.


Residents Concerned Over Smell

Waterloo Regional Police was called to a condo complex at 415 Morgan Ave. Residents in kitchener were concerned about a smell coming from a vehicle.

Residents have said that the Fire Department had asked them to turn their furnaces off. This was a precaution.

The cause of the smell is still unknown. The Ontario Provincial Police has since been called in.

Elmira Sugar Kings Dominated

Brendan Schneider lead Elmira Sugar Kings to a 4-2 victory over the Waterloo Siskins. It was Game 1 of their GOJHL Midwestern semi-final.

Zac Coulter finished with one goal and one assist, while Jonathan Reinhart recorded 33 saves for Elmira.

Game #2 is on Saturday afternoon at the Waterloo Rec Complex.


 New Cinderella Movie makes Big Bucks

The latest “Cinderella” movie in its opening weekend racked up an estimated debut of $70.1 million.

That’s well above expectations of $50 to 60 million, and it tops last year’s $69.4 million opening for “Maleficent,” another take on the classic fairy tale, which featured Angelina Jolie and a darker tone.

This version, however is sweetness and light, thanks to veteran director Kenneth Branagh.



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