News Unplugged March 3rd 2015

News Unplugged March 3rd 2015

Metrolinx and Toronto Negotiate for Train Funding

This week the City of Toronto and Metrolinx are going to continue negotiations over significant costs to build a new airport express line.

This spring Metrolinx is planning to launch its Union-Pearson Express line but has requested that the city front the bill for some of its costs. According to the Globe and Mail, Metrolinx wants these funds to go towards “new grade separation and reconstructing roads and rail bridges.”

“This is just the start of many, many projects,” City Manager Joe Pennachetti said. “Our goal is to work out a framework of principles with Metrolinx and the province for this going forward for literally decades.”

This comes just after a month after Mayor John Tory and the province were unable to negotiate getting more funding to be try and balance the city’s budget.

Conservative MP’s forced to address Duffy

Stephen Harper’s Chief of Staff, Nigel Wright along with some senators and Conservatives Members of Parliament’s have been subpoenaed to testify on the Mike Duffy trial.

The Daily Kelowna Courier stated that among the many senators called to testify include Marjory LeBreton, the former government leader in the Senate, David Tkachuk and Carolyn Stewart-Olson.

Duffy was a former Conservative senator that is now facing 31 charges, including fraud, breach of trust and bribery. The last charge deals with a $90,000 cheque Duffy received from Wright to reimburse the Senate for challenged expense claims.

The trial is scheduled for 41 days, from April 7-May 12 and June 1-June 19.

Los Angeles Homeless Man Dead by Police Hands

A homeless man is dead after three police officers opened fire after he attempted to grab a gun from an officer.

BBC News reports that after the officers were responding to reports of a robbery and after used a Taser to subdue the suspect but he continued to fight and resist.

Witnesses at the scene identified the dead man as Africa and had been homeless after treatment for mental illness.

BBC News reports that “Ina Murphy, who lives in an apartment nearby, said he had told her that he had recently been released after spending 10 years in a mental health facility.”

This incident has been recorded on video by some witnesses at the scene.

Landlords set their eyes Target to cash in

Target Canada has reached an agreement to return 11 properties to landlords across Canada.

In Ontario there are four Target locations, including Square One in Mississauga; Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket; Hillcrest Mall in Richmond Hill; and Conestoga Mall in Waterloo.

According to the Toronto Star, “The value of the deal was stricken from the Ontario Superior Court documents and court approval to keep the price secret for competitive reasons is being sought.”

The deal is subject to court approval on March 5.


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