News Unplugged: Monday, February23, 2015

Terrorists Threaten to Attack Shopping Malls

Al-Shabaab, a terror group aligned to al Qaeda, called for attacks on shopping malls.

A recently released video noted the group recalling the September 2013 attack on a mall in Nairobi and instructing followers to now target certain malls in three big western countries.

The United States, United Kingdom and Canada were the nations the group mentioned.

Officials from these countries have since acknowledged the threats and have reiterated that they will not take any threats lightly.

The Guardian

Strong Support for Toddler who Died in the Cold

The family of Elijah Marsh received approximately $150,000 for the funeral of their 3 year old toddler.

It was reported that around 4am Thursday morning, Elijah let himself out of the house and began to wander.

He was wearing a t-shirt, a diaper and boots as he journeyed conditions in  below negative 30 degrees weather.

His body was found without vital signs in the snow 6 hours later.

The mayor of Toronto has since called for the housing community agency to revisit their security policies.

Laurier Golden Hawks Win against Queen’s

Laurier’s female Hockey team won 1-0 against Queens recently.

The match went into triple overtime.

The stand outs were Tammy Freiburger who scored the winner and goaltender Amanda Smith who made a whopping 49 saves in the shutout.

Laurier pic

Foot Chase Ensued after Failed Robbery Attempt

A home in Kitchener was recently a victim of a robbery attempt.

A witness alerted the police a foot chase ensued.

Two male suspects were identified and arrested. An Emergency Response Unit was called as one of the suspects sustained injuries.  The magnitude was unknown.

J.K. Simmons Won the First Oscar of the Night

At the 87th Academy Award, J.K. Simmons won the first Oscar of the night yesterday.

He won the Best Supporting Actor for his role in the ‘Whiplash’.

Simmons grew in the industry through his role in ‘Spider Man’, ‘The Closer’ and through advertisements he did for a few companies.

He paid tribute to his family and children in his thank you speech.

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