The Pope Goes Green, NYC Bans Styrofoam Containers and Eat Less Meat!

This week we gave you guys some more reasons to eat a plant based diet (or at least to eat less meat). If you are interested lots of the health based reasons to eat less meat were from the documentary Forks Over Knives. Its not the kind of documentary that shows you gruesome stuff to scare you into eating better, I personally found it really interesting especially from a medical standpoint. You can find it here or watch is on Netflix. Also, for a more complete list as to how vegetarianism can help save the planet check out the article here:

New York recently banned Styrofoam containers in an effort to cut down on their waste, you can find the article here.

And here is the article about Pope Francis going green that we discussed!

Stay green, we will be back next week with more Noise Pollution!

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