Hey everyone, a new Star Wars movie comes out this year!

Hey everyone, a new Star Wars movie comes out this year!

Hopefully. Honestly, with the entertainment sector being what it is, this movie could be pushed back. Though I highly doubt it, and will be extremely sad if it happens.

Star Wars isn’t the only movie coming out this year that I’m excited for! Jurassic World, Avengers 2, Terminator, Mad Max…this year is really the year of the sequels.

On the show tonight I talked about not 2015, but 2014. What movies I saw over the break (The Hobbit, twice; Horrible Bosses 2; The Interview) and my favourite movies of 2014. And of course, the craziness that was the the whole Sony hack fiasco. I really have nothing to add to that discussion–it’s really just craziness. There are some great features that have been written about the attack and it’s timeline. I really just can’t wait until the book about all of this comes out in a couple of years. THere has to be a book coming, right?

Anyway, I like to use this spot to post the crazy and wacky internet things I find about movies. I know that’s why you read this, don’t lie. So here is what I’ve found:

Check out this amazingly cute “recreation” of Raiders of the Lost Ark, one of the best movies ever, featuring a puppy and some kittens. I squealed like a little girl. SO CUTE!

I love Parks and Recreation. I love Jurassic Park. Common denominator? Chris Pratt. Who stars in this awesome mashup: Jurassic Parks and Recreation. So funny.


Also, Marvel is going with the puns for it’s Ant-Man marketing, apparently. They released this “ant-sized” teaser trailer a couple days back.

And then announced this Ant-Man poster.


Marvel, you so crazy! Anyway, the “human-sized” teaser is here. It features people walking into rooms, a fight club, and a dude running. The full trailer is tonight during Agent Carter, which looks actually pretty good? I fell off of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, mainly because the writing and acting, other than Clark Gregg, was terrible. But I like the 40s and the kind of noir detective thing, so Ill give it a shot.

That’s me for this week! Keep that popcorn popping, and don’t go too crazy with the beginning of the semester!

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