Genetically Modified Organisms

Genetically Modified Organisms

Hey! This week’s show was all about food. We talked about GMOs, (Genetically Modified Organisms) how they got started, what they are, and some of the impacts they have had on the environment and people. Basically its food that has been changed at a genetic level, they have the potential to help but so far they have just made farming need more pesticides and more harmful to the land through mono-cultures. We suggest that you guy look to buy local foods and check if what you are buying is organic or has pesticides or is GMO, organic locally grown is usually much healthier!

For more info about GMOs you can start here:

or here is an article about tomatoes that have been given fish DNA:

We also talked about the 100 mile diet where you only eat food grown within 100 miles of where you live. Its a challenge but it can be done! (think about what our ancestors ate before there was so much trade).

We will be back next week with all new Noise Pollution. We will be talking about the extinction of bees and what it means for us. Until then stay green and look for organic foods when you can.

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