Priorities: Halloween Candy and 90's Music

Priorities: Halloween Candy and 90's Music


Happy Hump Day everyone!

Hope your week has been a speedy recovery from our Halloween weekend and you’re all done midterms! I know we all want some cheap, leftover Halloween candy and snuggle up in our sheets and watch Netflix…don’t deny it. I know the kids in this Jimmy Kimmel “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy”  video were definitely upset without theirs. I know I am personally in denial because all the Halloween candy is gone!!

While your DJ KG was on the air, I discussed my forever love for the 90’s music and how there is more news in the media on more sexual assault accusations! Lena Dunham recently came out with her new book “Not that Kind of Girl”, and readers had pointed out certain passages which described Dunham as sexually abusing her younger sister Grace while Lena was 7 years old. The passage is a little disturbing, but take what you will from it. Do you think that she was a little “off” in thinking that she was okay by doing it? I would love to hear your response! Tweet me at @RadioLaurier. Here is the link to read up on the subject more:

Of course, in other news, more sexual accusations for Jian Ghomeshi and how a former student of his has apparently been another victim of the former “Q” Host for CBC. Opinions, opinions, opinions ladies and gents! I am so fascinated with this story and love reading up on different opinions people have.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday filled with Halloween candy, relaxation and some 90’s music perhaps? alright guys, check ya later!



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