FURIOUS 7!!!!!!

FURIOUS 7!!!!!!

If you haven’t watched the brand new super awesome Furious 7 trailer yet, then what’s the matter with you? WATCH IT NOW!

I also talked Sinister, what movie related Halloween costumes I saw (a Starlord and Woody with working pull-string were my favourites. Though I only saw one Frozen character, which I thought odd) and how pumped I am to go see Boyhood, which is playing in Brantford at the Galaxy Cinemas at 6:30 pm on November 13.

Speaking of Frozen, check out this theory that says that Frozen is just basically Disney’s The Shining. It’s just so crazy it might be true!

Check out this gallery of what movie posters would look like if the movies they were representing lost a letter in their title.

Inktober 2014

Also, check out this video from metal_floss, that debunks common movie misconceptions. Most of these are obvious if you have half a brain, but some are cool.

Check out this new video from Tested, where they look at the cool graphic technology behind Disney’s new animated film Big Hero 6.



Intersteallar. I’m seeing it on Sunday.

See you next week everybody!

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