Hello? Monday? Are you here?

Hello? Monday? Are you here?

Good morning! Dan and Kaitlyn Here! So we understand there was trouble getting on air and listening to us this morning but we’ve figured it out now!

Here’s a quick recap of what went down. Jian Ghomeshi got fired from his show “Q” and CBC for allegedly sexually abusing three women. For more information here’s the link to Toronto Star’s coverage.


Halloween! What are you wearing? Where are you going? We are already getting excited to (as Dan would say) “Get Turnt”!

As we said, we understand there was some technical errors and are still trying to find out if any of you were listening! So the theme of today was “Are you there? Are you listening”?

We’ll be back Wednesday with a hyped show and hopefully clear up the technical errors. Sorry about that listeners!!

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Mucho Amore,

DJ Dan the Man and KG

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