Friday, I'm in love

Friday, I'm in love

Hi Y’all!

Hope you are enduring midterm season well.

Here is a recap of what you may have missed on The Morning Show…

So Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling have finally released their baby’s name. Esmeralda Amada will join Wyatt Isabella in the list of cutest celebrity babies of 2014. (Fun Fact: Amada is the name of the character that Mendez portrayed in the film We Own the Night)

Also, Oktoberfest officially kicks off today so go check out the opening ceremonies and all of the festivities information at

Finally, we were lucky enough to be joined by Andrew Young from The Glorious Sons who talked about the band’s new album, The Union, and their ongoing tour. They were recently in Waterloo, they are in London tonight and after the long weekend they will be heading out east to continue the cross-Canada tour!

Check out some of the songs from their new album below, including my favourite “Heavy”.


Have a safe and fun Thanksgiving weekend and remember to make the most of your reading week!!

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