New DJs and How to be an Environmentally Friendly Student

Hello and welcome to Noise Pollution! This weeks show is the first show with your new DJs! So here’s a little bit about us. Carolyn – 2nd year Communications Major + Management Option. First time Eco Hawk. Loves to play the guitar and soccer. Interested in a career in broadcasting and joined Radio Laurier as a fun way to get some experience. Shannon –  4th year Environmental Studies + Geomatics Option. Internal Affairs Executive for the Eco Hawks. President of Get Swabbed. Captain of the Eco Fish inner tube water polo team. Mallaika – 4th year Geography major + Global Studies Minor. 3rd time Eco Hawk. International student. Co-president of the Laurier International Student Association. International Peer Mentor for first year international students. Obsessed with personality typography. As you can see we have some pretty different backgrounds so we hope to give you a more complete view on environmental issues and a more diverse range of opinions for our discussions. This weeks topic was how to be a more environmentally friendly student and what that means to us (plus a few funny stories about how we tried to be a little more sustainable ourselves). We created a list of the Top 10 things you can do as a student to live a little more sustainably. We also talked a bit about David Suzuki’s Blue Dot tour that happened in Kitchener on Monday and the Home Coming clean up and the UN Sustainability Summit. Questions for you! Our audience!

  1. What do you guys want to hear about? what are some environmental issues that you are passionate about? or even things you are just unclear about and would like some clarification on?
  2. What could be improved on the laurier campus or even in the community?
  3. Are there initiatives in place at laurier or in the community that you think are helpful to the environment?

Music – This week was a mix of songs that we though had good messages that could be tied to helping the environment.

  1. Why You’d Want to Live Here by Death Cab for Cutie
  2. Eyes Wide Open by Gotye
  3. 93 Million Miles by Jayson Mraz
  4. Kids by MGMT
  5. Ka-ching By Shania Twain
  6. Thrift Shop by Macklemore

That’s all for this week! Tune in after reading week for our show about David Suzuki

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