True North Live to Air!

So, I finally got to go live to air this week and it didn’t crash and burn like I was afraid it might! I’ll go over the list of all the songs I played.

First ¬†was Livin’ Tonight and Heaters by Illscarlett from Missasauga, Ontario

Second was Man! I Feel Like A Woman and That Don’t Impress Me Much by Shania Twain from Windsor, Ontario

Third was Just A Bird and I’ve Got Stars Robyn Dell’Unto from Missasauga, Ontario

Fourth was Shadow Of A Ghost and Figure It Out by Emma-Lee from Markham, Ontario

Fifth was Dancing In A Video and You Believe In Me by Nicholas Cunha from Missasauga, Ontario

Sixth was Over & Over by Chasing Amee from Toronto, Ontario

Seventh Rolling Stone and (wasn’t played but…) Winter’s Widow by Reuben and the Dark from Calgary, Alberta

Eighth was a cover of Rihanna’s song Diamonds by Brendan Distefano from Hamilton, Ontario

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