How to Make the Most of Student Elections

Follow these tips to get the most out of your next year at Laurier!

  1. Get to know the candidates – look at their websites, facebook pages, twitter feeds, youtube channels
  2. Pay attention to the other candidates (Directors, Senators, Governors)
  3. Get to know the important dates – when do you vote?
  4. Go to the events – the debate, etc.
  5. Read up! See what other people are saying – the cord, twitter feeds, listen to the Morning Show!
  6. Ask yourself. What do you want?
  7. Ask the candidates about it. – most willing to talk to you
  8. Get involved yourself! Join the race, join a campaign team, join Radio Laurier or the Cord and report on the race!

Remember Radio Laurier will be interviewing all the candidates on the Morning Show so tweet at us if you have any questions for the candidates! @RLMorningShow

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