Canadian Rock - January 22nd

Canadian Rock - January 22nd

The main theme of the show this week was to showcase mainly Rock from Canada, but also included some rap.

First was The Sheepdogs from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I played their songs Feeling Good and I Don’t Know.

Second was Said The Whale from Vancouver, British Columbia. I played their songs Loveless and Camilo.

Third was The Arkells from Hamilton, Ontario. I played their songs Oh, The Boss Is Coming! and Ballad of Hugo Chavez.

Fourth was Sam Roberts Band from Montreal, Quebec. I play the songs Where Have All The Good People Gone? and Brother Down.

Fifth was Metric from Toronto, Ontario. I played their songs Gimmie Sympathy and Breathing Underwater.

Sixth was Kardinal Official from Scarborough, Ontario. I played his songs Ol’ Time Killin and The Anthem.

Seventh was Shad from London, Ontario. I played his songs Rose Garden and Live Forever feat. Dallas Green.

Eighth was The Glorious Sons from Kingston, Ontario. I played their top song right now entitled Mama.

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