The Top Ten: Things The Internet Has Ruined

The Top Ten: Things The Internet Has Ruined


Sooo this past week my internet has been just not working and it has probably been the most frustrating thing ever ESPECIALLY because it is one of the most stressful times of school. So as I was fuming at my internet pages that would refresh I was wondering what we did before the internet. AND THEN I thought about all the things that the internet have changed in our lives and in many ways ruined.


10) Facebook/Twitter are the ULTIMATE spoilers for TV shows/movies. Just about the worst thing ever is going onto Facebook when you missed the last episode of your favourite show and someone writing something like “I can’t believe _____ died.”  It sucks sucks sucks and before these social mediums we never had to worry about such a thing (California-Phantom Planet)

9) Productivity: The internet has made us all very unproductive. OR maybe it’s just me. But the amount of times I have been googling or Pinteresting or all these other unproductive things are countless. I honestly don’t know how I could’ve procrastinated before the internet but it is NOT okay. (Bill Evans & Tony Bennett-Some Other Time)

8) The internet is kind of great in this way, but do you know those people who always talk about something but you know they have no idea what they are talking about? Well, this wonderful thing called GOOGLE has really really ruined all this bullshit talkers. It is a blessing and a curse because rather than just taking someones word at face value you can just google it. (Wont Get Fooled Again-The Who)

7) You know too much about people before you meet them. So, this is a horrible thing. You know about people, their friends and their hobbies before you even meet them. This can be very problematic,  I think, specifically in a romantic sense. The worst idea ever is checking out someone you are going to go on a date with on Facebook because you are getting a bunch of preconceived notions about this person before you met them which may completely jade your actual time spent with them. It’s a bad idea to do and I don’t think anyone should do that. (First Date-Blink 182)

6) Facebook makes you not only loss your attention span but it also makes you not be fully invested in anything. It makes you multitask to such an extreme that you are not really concentrated or focusing on any one thing. It means that you are watching tv, on Facebook on your phone all at the same time with no real concentration on any one thing. It means that we are a semi-engaged society and that no real change or nothing will ever happen because we are never able to get fully invested in one thing. One moving thing…everyone hops on and it becomes an internet sensation until the next thing comes along (Revolution-The Beatles)

5) Another thing, Facebook has become a medium for public declares of affection. Come on people, we all know you could all easily text this, fb message or call them. We don’t all need to see that….please help us all. So that’s annoying. Please people, leave that at home or in the privacy of your own home we don’t need to see that you love that person…it’s kind of implied by the thousands of pictures you guys have together. (Auburn-The Perfect Two)

4) Because of Facebook, everyone and their grandmother has gained stalker status. Often, I will end up looking at someone and LITERALLY have no idea who they are. Also, you will go through someones pictures a million times and not SEE ANYTHING DIFFERENT…nothing is going to change. But ya, we all probably fall victim of it no need to expand on that. (Robyn-Dancing On Your Own)

3) Vanity, vanity, vanity. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have made everyone feel like everything they do, even the most mundane of actions, important. NOBODY CARES that you have cereal for breakfast or that you straightened your hair today. Let’s all stop being so vain and put our cameras down for a second. (You’re so Vain-Carly Simon)

2) Solitude. Facebook and all these social media websites have completely ruined that. You are never ever ever alone. This is horrible because everyone needs their alone time and it is an important thing to have. We alone deserve our time alone and it is something that we have to have to make us happy. (Happy Alone-Kings of Leon)

1) Loss of living in the moment. We no longer are living in the moment. We are living in moments of photo opportunities. Everything we do and everything we experience is no longer an experience of being somewhere. It is an experience that we are doing solely with the hope of a good picture coming out of it. That is not why we should be doing what we are doing. We should be experiencing rather than documenting (Soak Up The Sun-Sheryl Crow)


Food for thought for all of you.


Robin (The Top 10)

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