St. Lucia 'When the Night' Review

St. Lucia 'When the Night' Review

An infectious, upbeat jazzy sound is exactly what St. Lucia offers on their latest album When the Night. Each track is left you wanting to hit replay, but doing so would mistakably cause you to miss out on the rest of the songs, each one distinct and well crafted into 80’s type melodies.

The album provides the perfect anthems to sing along to in a car ride with the windows rolled down or bob your head to as the beats pulse through your headphones. It’s quirky, it’s upbeat and best of all, the album is fun, it gives listeners a variety of different sounds for everyone’s liking.

Some essential songs to make sure you don’t miss on the album are, “ Wait For Love”, “Wake Me Up”, “Too Close” and “Closer Than This”. Although not a new release, it’s never too late to check out this entertaining album.

What do you think of St. Lucia’s latest?

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