True North November 19th


Hello! As usual i’m going to review over the music that I played today (November 19th)

First was The Danger Bees from Toronto, Ontario and their songs Awkward Guy and Good Year

Second was The Johnstones from Ajax, Ontario and their songs Take Me To The Party and Jennifers Jacket

Third was KO from Toronto, Ontario and his songs Capable and Burbon (Crack Song)

Fourth was Mean Tangerine from London, Ontario and their songs Golden and Summertime

Fifth was Ruby Coast from Newmarket, Ontario and their songs Creep Me Out and Whatever This Is

РHere is the link to their bandcamp page for all their free music:

Sixth was Simple Plan from Montreal, Quebec and their songs I’m Just a Kid and Thank You

Seventh was These Kids Wear Crown from Chilliwack, British Columbia and their songs We All Fall Down and Fifa 99

And last but not least was Scotty James from Waterloo, Ontario and his song Wanna Be Loved.

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