Fashionably Lazy

Fashionably Lazy

Hey there radio land listeners!


DJ Kpop is here for the blog! I was joined today on the show with DJ Baby Roach and Caitlin!


Let’s get into recapping the show!


KW event happening all this week is of course Oktoberfest! If you want to check out events happening or to get tickets check out the Oktoberfest website!


Entertainment news headlines about Kim Kardashian selling her engagement ring. Who cares? Really? Also Zac Efron in his new film That Awkward Moment has a fully nude scene. Who cares?’s just a naked body people! We call were born naked, move on!


How to for the show was how to dress lazy but fashionably. This type of style sums up mine and Baby Roach’s style. Here is a link to check out those tips!


Holidays  for the day  are Boss’s day and Dictionary Day!  I guess if you like your boss by all means celebrate and learn a new word today and use it in a sentence. Day in history in 1964 “Gilligan’s Island” TV pilot 1st shown on TV.Famous birthdays check out this link here and Happy Birthday to all celebrating today!


That’s all for the blog today! Tune in tomorrow at 9am to get your fill of The Morning Show!

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