theBasement is BACK!

theBasement is BACK!

Hello folks!!

theBasement is back and are we glad to be back!!

We just had our first show on Sunday October 6th and it was controversial to say the least. First and foremost a little background information on who theBasement is. We are a part of RadioLaurier but we are also with Association of Black Students (ABS). This association is a group that was created for minority students at Laurier however, this group is open to ALL members of the Laurier community. This is where theBasement comes in. This show is part of ABS and RadioLaurier to open the door. Now that you know who we are, here is what we discussed on Sunday.

School has started. Summer is long gone. Stress has fully commenced. Mid terms are coming up people. If you are already enduring them remember… KEEP CALM. That’s the motto when it comes to this stressful time of year.

Sing Fire of Justice for Stolen Sisters. Was a musical event and benefit to help bring awareness to Aboriginal women who go missing and nothing is done to help them.

The controversial topic of the night was Trayvon Martin. A teenager African American boy who was shot and killed by a man named George Zimmerman. Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY. Gun violence, racial profiling and jury biases were all elements that theBasement’s crew dug deep into.

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Tune in.

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