DJ Call_Me_Leon 90's Recap!

DJ Call_Me_Leon 90's Recap!

So in case you missed the Memo, DJ has officially taken over the favored 90’s RL show, All That And A Bag Of Chips, and brings his own flavor to the 90’s music scene you know and love. (DJ Tiger Pants we do miss you)

What did DJ C.M.L have in store? What kinda crazy changes are happening for All That and a Bag Of Chips? Will the style be the same? Well if you happened to tune in last night you know the answers but to fill you in, he’s bringing more dance tunes, more hip-hop, and a lot more of that ‘get up and dance’ music from your childhood.

DJ C.M.L , brought all new tunes that haven’t been played on Radio Laurier to date!, Freshprince and DJ Jazzyjeff just “Kickin it!”, Boys II Men “Mo-Town Philly” Bell Biv Devoe! “Poison!” and now he’s taking Requests! He’s crazy Ladies and gentlemen! This past show he was asking the world what was the first cd, album, or L.A.S.E.R disk they bought in the 90’s. He’s got a grand plan and tune in every week to be a part of it!.

Next week’s questions it that C.M.L is looking for your favorite movie soundtrack song from the 90’s!, Spacejam? Lion King? Batman Forever?

It’s all part (check the links for all those big tunes!)  and he plans to have more surprises with 90’s themes and guest stars that will blow you away!

So you wanna hear your Favorite movie soundtrack, or any 90’s song, or just want a shout out drop a link to the Chameleon, at Twitter @call_me_leon or facebook at All That and a Bag of Chips


And don’t forget to tune it Weds 7 till 8 on

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