SpectruMusic Week 15 (Jazz Influence)

SpectruMusic Week 15 (Jazz Influence)

Do you like Jazz? I sure do, that’s why we’re having a show just about Jazz Influence. Also because BadBadNotGood will be playing at Maxwell’s right here in Waterloo next Wednesday (March 28th)! Anyway if anyone else is going please leave a comment I’d love to meet up I’m a huge BBNG fan!

Anyway news time,¬†YouTube plans to increase the amount of ads you get if you listen to a lot of music on YouTube! Now as much as I wouldn’t recommend this due to the low audio quality, this is awfully annoying, espically for harder to find stuff. Anyway, if you need free music I’d recommend Soulseek or Deezloader to anyone who needs it, please just buy physical items (vinyl or cds or even tapes) to support your artists as streaming barely supports them.

We also have the David Bowie musical “Lazarus” coming to film which is very exciting as it seems very interesting, can’t go wrong with some Bowie love.

Very important news, Animal Collective played new music the other day in New Orleans!!! This is amazing it was actually really fun and we might get another amazing AnCo album again!

If you really want to drop a ridiculous amount of money for your noise band, you can buy some sonic youth pedals and such right now, so go ahead and get some vintage material

Finally, last week I mentioned how Death Grips was working with the guy who made Shrek on their new album, while now they’re also working with Justin Chancellor of Tool, which even though I’m not a huge Tool fan, this is sweet since he is a amazing bassist

Anyway here is the setlist

When the Knife – Nai Palm

Downtown – Destroyer

Black Girls – Violent Femmes

produk 29 [101] – Aphex Twin

It Could Be Sweet – Portishead

What Does Your Soul Look Like Part 1 / Blue Sky Revisit – DJ Shadow

Raven – GoGo Penguin

Structure No. 3 – BadBadNotGood

Midnight 01 (Deep Sea Diver) – King Krule

Life In A Glasshouse (Full Length Version) – Radiohead


Anyway download Soulseek and enjoy your day

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