The Basement Ep. 13: Exclusive BTS with the Crew!

The Basement Ep. 13: Exclusive BTS with the Crew!

…And We’re Back Golden Hawks

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 Ep. 13 Recap+Exclusive BTS

The end of the week means another high-energy show from the Basement crew! With only a few weeks left in the semester, the pressure is on to finish strong. You got this Golden Hawks. The crew started off the show with some awkward, funny and bizarre would you rather questions. Would you rather have sex with a goat and no one knows, or not have sex with a goat and have everyone think that you did? How would you decide? After the first music break the team recapped the recent Oscar award show and how delightful it is to witness the black community being recognized for their artistic talents. We are still rooting for everybody black. The crew then asked, can you be friends with your friend’s ex after the breakup? Hmm, the situation is subjective but all I know is when I break up with the mandem, my friends break up with the mandem. After another music break, the team got amped discussing this weekends St Patrick’s Day events. Laurier is notorious for its annual St. Patties block party and with regional authorities cracking down on the days event, the Golden Hawks are prepared to go hard or go home. PSA: know your limits, and stay safe everyone. Let’s make this year one to remember! The next discussion asked, Should the person that he/she cheated on their significant other with, also be held responsible? Why or Why not? This seemed to divide the team with some saying yes and others saying not a bloodclot! Our final music break lead into our shout-outs and songs of the week. Again, thank you to our loyal listeners. Your support is always appreciated, until next time stay real folks ♡♡♡

-Ocean Miller

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