The Basement Ep. 12: Sugar Parents and the Art of Finessing

The Basement Ep. 12: Sugar Parents and the Art of Finessing

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Episode 12 Recap + Higlights : 

As the semester closes in on us, we hoped to bring our listeners a show filled with highly contested but fun debates. From sugar parents, to finessing, this week’s show kept it real from start to finish. The crew reflected on ABS annual culture show this past weekend. The show was one for the books with amazing performances from spoken word, dance, various musical talents and an Afro-Caribbean inspired menu. Shout-out to Eva, and the events team for putting on for the culture. The crew then discussed how they felt about stay at home mothers and fathers and the stigmatization that surrounds traditional roles and modern realities. Moving on, the team discussed how they felt about sugar parents. Our crew had some pretty interesting thoughts on this topic. But hey, there’s no judgment here; Get it how you live. After our first music break the crew reflected on the recent and tragic Florida shooting and the issues around gun laws in the states. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and their families during this incredibly difficult time. To lighten the mood, our crew then discussed the art of finessing and the different levels to this trickery. Finessing is waviness in its purest form, that’s for sure! After another music break, our crew members argued a few conspiracy theories that fascinated them, which lead into our final discussion about the men are trash movement. Will boys always be boys? What are the signs you should watch for to determine if he’s a F-boy? Are women just as trash? These were some of the areas of focus that turned into a heated debate between the crew members. After our last music break, the crew gave their final shout outs and songs of the week. Again, we appreciate all our loyal listeners, y’all are the best and we love you! Until next time, stay real folks ❤ ❤❤!

Tracklist 04/03/2018

Mix One

  • Pray for Me- The Weeknd ft. Kendrick Lamar
  • Td Up- Rae Sremmurd
  • Look Alive- Blockboy JB ft. Drake

Mix Two

  • R.I.C.O- Meek Mill ft. Drake
  • My Type-Popcaan
  • Broken Clocks- SZA

Mix Three

  • I Just- Rihanna ft. Sal Houdini
  • A Tale of Two Cities- J. Cole
  • B.I.D- Tory Lanez

Mix Four

  • Love Galore- SZA ft. Travis Scott
  • Body Smile- DVSN
  • Leaning- Tory Lanez ft. PartyNextDoor

Mix Five

  • Big Shot- Kendrick Lamar ft. Travis Scott
  • IG Girls- Aidonia
  • Kings Dead- Jay Rock ft. Kendrick Lamar


-Ocean Miller♡

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