after class - the week-end: volume 1, session 3

after class - the week-end: volume 1, session 3

Hey hawks, its DJ Sav finally back with another session of The Week-end! This week DJ Mack and I talked about some more funny articles we found on good old Facebook, and the very exciting new season approval of Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 2. Plus, we sacrificed ourselves to the hands of Tinder and Bumble to see what they were all about and we found some key do’s and don’ts when it comes to dating profiles. Of course, as always, we also played a bit of music and some happy music in particular to get you all in the spirit of the last month of classes!!

Yet Another Emotional Support Airline Meme

Now, emotional support pets are nothing to be joked about, but lately they’ve been quite a trend to see in airports attempting to board flights. As mentioned in our first session an emotional support peacock and an emotional support hamster were brought into an airport with the intent of being brought on a flight with their owners. Unfortunately, neither animal made it on the flight, due to their illegitimacy and their owners unpreparedness. However, the iconic Chrissy Teigan out did all of these other emotional support fiascos by succeeding in bringing her emotional support casserole on an American Airlines flight. Chrissy tweeted American Airlines and asked them for permission to bring her casserole dish filled with scalloped potatoes on her flight, and to everyone’s surprise American Airlines said yes. Overall, we’re proud of our iconic Chrissy for accomplishing the meme of all memes, and are awaiting more possible emotional support airport incidents.

Try of the Week

This weeks try of the week was quite an interesting one, as DJ Mack and I attempted to figure out Tinder and Bumble, two dating/hookup apps structured around each users physical appearance. In each app users are required to swipe a certain direction to like/dislike a profile and if both users swipe in the like direction they are given the opportunity to message each-other and move past the app. However, there are some differences, on Bumble the girl must make the first move, and on Tinder it is up to both users to contact each-other. While exploring the apps DJ Mack and I noticed some real do’s and don’ts when is comes to these types of dating sources, in short, when your picture is the main focus make sure its the right picture.

Laurier’s Chilling with Dogs

This Wednesday March 7th Laurier is going to be hanging with dogs again for some distressing fun!! The dogs will be in the Delton Glebe Counselling Centre on 177 Albert St between 12-1pm for all students to love. Make sure to head on down and love a dog this week!   

The Music

This week we decided to rock out to some positive jams to get everyone in the spirit of the last month of classes and SUMMER!! Of course the playlist will be listed down below, and the music video for Hinnom, TX by Bon Iver, an amazing American indie/folk band perfect for chilling out

The Finale

Thanks again for hanging out with us this week, and don’t forget to come hang again next Friday from 10-11pm with DJ Mack and I, we can’t wait!! Stay golden hawks!

The Playlist

Angel – Shaggy, Rayvon

8 (circle) – Bon Iver

Jolene – Dolly Parton 

Blood – The Middle East 

It’s Raining Men – The Weather Girls

Hinnom, TX – Bon Iver 

Finesse (Remix) [feat. Cardi B] – Bruno Mars, Cardi B

Warm Magic – Jadu Heart 

Gods Plan – Drake


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