After Class - The Jam ep. 17

After Class - The Jam ep. 17

What’s up Golden Hawks? This week, The Jam escaped to the islands for an extended reading week. Dj Mola and I played plenty of reggae and dancehall hits to reminisce on the great breaks we’ve had. Shout out to my dad for sending us the great songs. While we didn’t have a Jam of the Week, we feel that all of these songs are considered jams! We played every artist from Barrington Levy, to¬†Bob Marley. Each of these artists had their own particular flow and we loved all of it. Here’s Redemption Song, one of the song’s we played:


For topics this week, we didn’t really have much to say since we were kind of tired and stressed, however, we did joke around about Jamaican Patois (patwah), and all the kinds of phrases typical to Jamaicans when they talk. It’s almost like a second language the way they converse with each other, and we found it extremely interesting and entertaining. We also talked about all the kinds of great food we had while we were back home. We talked about how the best mangos come from Jamaica, and

Image result

how the plantains are always fresh. Dj Mola even explained a fruit that I’ve never heard of, called a sugar apple which we had to figure out the name of. Needless to say it was a hilarious version of a guessing game.

This week’s show was very laid back, but we’ll get into the swing of things next week and have an even longer and more interesting playlist for you guys! Stay golden, and we’ll see ya next week!



Redemption Song x Bob Marley

Sara x Frankie Paul

Boops x Super Cat

She’s Mine x Barrington Levy

I Am That I Am x Peter Tosh

I’m a Rastaman x Jacob Miller

Monkey Man x Toots and the Maytals

Sitting and Watching x Dennis Brown

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