After Class - Hawk House (Ep. 13)

After Class - Hawk House (Ep. 13)

Welcome Back!

Last night we discovered that 1 in 2 DJ’s actually study over reading week! Fortunately DJ Nova got the memo, but DJ Shrey seemed to think that reading week was code for lay in bed all week and watch Gossip Girl sports… Hopefully you all had a great reading week and are no longer recovering from it, if you forgot to tune in last night consider yourself lucky as due to some technical difficulties we were unable to air.

We did however have an awesome show set for you guys and can’t wait to be back in the studio live next week, talking about the Kardashians, Black Panther, amazing university food hacks, not to mention a heated debate on food combinations. Feel free to tweet us @RLAfterClass and let us know if you have any weird food combinations that we can try out, DJ Shrey would also like to take this moment to point out that pineapple on pizza is perfectly acceptable and should not be considered a weird food combination, but that’s not going to stop DJ Nova from challenging that statement next week!

Over the break we’ve also booked in a couple guests for the show, some of which are extremely talented DJ’s giving you another excuse to pre on a Thursday night with some lit mashups. DJ Shrey will also be dropping one of his own mashups at some point (as soon as he figures out how to convert an MP3 file). But nothing is more exciting that DJ Nova’s promise on the show, if we get 20 song requests on Twitter between now and the end of the semester then DJ Nova has promised to freestyle on our final show!


(Written by Rachna Singh & Shreyan Kantaria)

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