The Basement Episode 11: All Black Everything , New Music, Wakanda Forever

The Basement Episode 11: All Black Everything , New Music, Wakanda Forever


“Miracles happen all the time.
We’re here, aren’t we?” -Marilyn Nelson


Welcome Back from the Basement Crew!

Although Black History Month is coming to an end, the celebration of black music, black art, black legacy and black livelihood will remain vibrant across our cultural landscapes. Over the past few weeks the Basement crew has been able to showcase all black everything. From systemic racism, historical milestones and a variety of hot topics, this Black History month has been a remarkable presentation of black solidarity, black empowerment, and black progress. Not to be limited to just one month of spotlight, black history and black presence is a call for a year-round commemoration of black excellence but also remembering our ancestral heritage and the people who fought for our right to life! Despite the ongoing adversity we face across the globe, we remain resilient and proud of who we are and the royal lineage we stem from. With that being said, Happy Black History Month, Year, Decade, and Century.

Episode 11 Recap + Highlights:

For our final Black History themed show, our crew members passionately described a few of the stereotypes they have often been subject too, simply for being black. Hypermasculinity, and the angry black woman may sound familiar to you as well. For those who cannot necessarily relate, this was a wake-up call to become more aware of the ignorance that continues to hinder cultural integration and unity. We need more allies and less misinterpretation, that’s for sure. The discussion then shed light on some of the misconceptions regarding black oppression in Canada and the historical representations of Black Canadians. Read up on your history, it just might surprise you. The crew shared their thoughts on how they felt about people saying they do not see colour and the issues that derive from this statement. We concluded that ignoring the problem is never the appropriate solution. Our final discussion was about white owned black businesses and the importance of supporting our community. Quality over quantity is absolutely necessary, however, continuing to generate wealth within our own community is an important component of our own cultural well being and overall growth. In the end, we wanted to make one thing clear to the rest of the world. We are black, we are strong and we are here !

♫ NEW Music

This week we showcased some upcoming musical talents. You can find their music linked below if you want to hear more !

Featured artist Que (Vibeteam)

Featured artist Official SK

Featured artist Xavier Hynez 

Tracklist 25/02/2018

Mix One

  • Facts- Que ♫
  • Carolina Kidd- Official SK ♫
  • Switch Up- Offical SK♫

Mix Two

  • Im On it-Xavier Hynez♫
  • Running out of Luck- Que♫

Mix Three

  • Walk it Talk it- Migos ft. Drake
  • Stir Fry- Migos
  • BBQ-Migos

Mix Four

  • Gods Plan- Drake
  • T-shirt- Migos
  • Yamborghini High- A$AP Mob

Mix Five

  • Cold Outside- An Lennox
  • Buzzin-Alina Baraz
  • All I Want- Brent Faiyaz


Happy Black History Month …Wakanda ForeverAmericaAfrica.svg

– Ocean Miller 

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